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Any Body Sounds Foto 2 by Carla Fernandez (1)

Looking forward to getting the new project started: ANY BODY SOUNDS - a collaboration with Jone San Martin and Mikel R. Nieto! Interested in a little preview? Come and join our “Open Rehearsal” (27 Sept, 6.30pm) at tanzhaus nrw

Further events coming soon:


- 2 October, Kölner Theaternacht with short excerpts from the new productions ANY BODY SOUNDS & #auferstanden

- 6 October, premiere of “ANY BODY SOUNDS” at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf (further performances at TanzFaktur Cologne and MOVE Festival Krefeld)

- on 1 November we’ll present our first collaboration #auferstanden with the ensemble Cantus Cölln at Philharmonie Köln

- in November our site-specific production ANIMA (a collaboration with eyemotionaL / Merixtell Aumedes Molinero) will be performed in Rome