Projects & Research // AUREA (2014)

AUREA (2014)

A solo performance / In collaboration with Susanne Linke

„And the earth was waste and without form; and it was dark on the face of the deep…“

Whilst searching for freedom in limitation and perfection in chaos, Emanuele Soavi and Susanne Linke – icon of dance theatre – use the biblicial beginning and Bach’s piano music as their starting point for an intensely personal performance.

Starting with the  Old Testament’s first lines, Emanuele Soavi developed in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Susanne Linke a research of motions concerning the issue of order, structure and its opposite: chaos.

Every choreography is based on the principle of structure / order – even though it means to deconstruct this very concept. In AUREA Emanuele Soavi tests to what extent the principle of the Golden Ratio (the “Sectio Aurea” is a common technique within the field of arts to measure proportions, an ideal principle of proportioning aesthetics) can be transferred onto his choreographic work during which he always searches for expressions of human living, of conflicts with himself as well as the environment, expressions of an exhausting hunt for the meaning of life. When collaborating with Susanne Linke – who is a master in creating surreal moments through slow and unexpected reactions enabling a very special presence of the performer on stage – this is combined with her clear focus on minimalist movements.

Thus there is a clash of very different choreographic and expressive means, but also divergent concepts of structure and beauty which often are the result of a perfect composition.

The music by Bach also finds beauty in perfect order due to its mathematical structure. Played live it creates various possibilities of interaction between pianist Thomas Wansing and performer Emanuele Soavi.

AUREA marks the beginning of a long-term series of events, THE HABIT CYCLES, which literally implements the label’s artistic and programmatic philosophy: ‘in company’ with national and international dance artists, Emanuele Soavi begins a structural and thematic research of motions.

Idea/Choreography/Performance: Emanuele Soavi
Direction /Coaching: Susanne Linke
Lighting design: Cristina Spelti
Live music: Thomas Wansing
Management / PR: Alexandra Schmidt
Production Management / PR: Silvia Werner
Technical Management: Michael Götz
Photos: Mustafa Sabbagh, Joris-Jan Bos

A dance project by Emanuele Soavi incompany, subsidized by the Cultural Office of Cologne, the SK Stiftung Kultur and the NRW Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports.