Co-Productions & Commissioned Works // The Offenbach Project (2019)

The Offenbach Project (2019)

In the context of the Jacques Offenbach jubilee in 2019 celebrating the composer’s 200th birthday Emanuele Soavi incompany examine his myth as socio-critical entertainment machine in various contemporary formats.

INVASION – A dance piece for Jacques Offenbach
Nominated for the Cologne Dance Award 2019!

Offenbach and electronic music, contemporary dance and fashion, past and present, art and entertainment – all of this is part of the production commissioned by Kölner Offenbach-Gesellschaft, and all of this produces a kind of friction. Together with sound artist Stefan Bohne, costume designer Heike Engelbert and pieces from Comme des Garçons, Emanuele Soavi and his ensemble invite to a fascinating performance discovering exciting fragments of Offenbach’s life and work. Inspired by his rather unknown work “Voyage to the Moon“ INVASION changes from Utopia to reality, intimacy to exposure – fully in line with the composer who once created “a public, dancing world which was outrageous up until this moment and which will never return“.

LARMES BOUFFES – A performance course
This performance course made of dance and music is a sequel to Soavi’s series on special formats for special venues: From hotels rooms, parks and museums to the Kölner Philharmonie and – for move! in town (commissioned by the cultural office Krefeld) – straight into the exceptional building of the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Science and its adjacent courtyards.

Choreography: Emanuele Soavi
In collaboration with dancers: Federico Casadei, Abine Leao Ka, Lisa Kirsch, Giulia Marino, Mihyun Ko, Michele Nunziata
Assistant: Taeyeon Kim
Cello: Katharina Apel- Hülshoff, Anja Schröder, Ulrike Zavelberg
Sound: Stefan Bohne
Costume: Heike Engelbert
Lighting / Technical director: Hannes Grethe, Jan Wiesbrock
Production management and Dramaturgy: Achim Conrad
Photos: Joris-Jan Bos

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