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MYTH PROJECT (2010-2014)


Pedro Obiera WAZ:
„… One of the most exciting stage projects of late.“

Nicole Strecker
„… Eight Soavi-fied dancers that are real stage animals: wild, fast, unrestrained – in a nutshell: Fantastic. In “Daedalus/Dreams“ every fibre of their bodies longs for extension and independence. Amazing how this choreography exposes the scientist’s hubris, whose irresponsible ingenuity creates monsters: the mythological Minotaur as well as the annihilating war machine. The third part (“ARIADNEamore“) concentrates on Emanuele Soavi’s mesmerising vocabulary of movement. … A dance about grief and anger by desperately lovesick, long-haired and women in long gowns as if it was a production by Pina Bausch … An obvious homage marks also the highlight of the evening: Soavi’s superbly bold „PANsolo“. He quotes the distinct poses of Vaslav Nijinsky’s ballet „L’apres midi d’un faune“; there is no better interpretation of those movements than Soavi’s. Soavi as sensual horror creature and dancer, choreographer, charming boy and organiser of a Dionysic dance ecstasy, during which that which cannot be calculated maintains the tension. Hard to imagine anyone else doing that.”

ARIADNEamore (2013)

Sabine Rother Aachener Nachrichten:
„… A highlight of this year’s Schrittmacher Festival … Soavi creates superb imagery … a kaleidoscope of conflicting emotions … danced by brilliant and highly motivated members of an unusual company.“

METAMORPHOSIS!individual (2013)

Melanie Suchy Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger:
„… For METAMORPHOSIS!individual Soavi worked with two dozens of young dancers from four different countries; an organisational mega-project with great results.“

PAN (2011)

Elisabeth Einecke-Klövekorn Bonner Generalanzeiger:
„… Emanuele Soavi invents aesthetically fascinating, innovative forms of movement for the open mind in a fragmented universe dissolving all sense of self-awareness.”


Dorothea Marcus Kölner Theaterzeitung AKT:
„… A multi-dimensional, brilliantly composed evening with fragments of myths and memories leading deep into one’s own head, all of which is achieved on an extremely high level of dance.“