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The new performative installation ORACLE, from the series SOLO LIKE A PIG, has just ended its first stay at the Mediothek Krefeld and can be seen from July 26th to 30th at the Cologne gallery MOUCHES VOLANTES on Ebertplatz. Lili M. Rampre and Emanuele Soavi focus the attention of their installation on literature and the process of storytelling fanning it out in movement, imagery and sound. Visitors of the installation are invited to embark on an audiovisual journey and perceive the world from different perspectives. In the process, they themselves become actors in the space.

Besides the current production, there was still a lot on the program for the ESincompany team in the last few weeks:

In cooperation with our partners from the Ehrenfeldstudios, we were hosting a delegation of dance creators and producers from Italy within the framework of the project 18M8L. The two-day exchange served to develop new ideas and strategies for international cooperation.

On the World Dance Day, the opening event for our three-year cooperation with the district of Miltenberg within the framework of the TANZLAND program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation took place in Miltenberg. After a long period of preparation, we are looking forward to start the planned program in fall 2022.

For the first time we were able to organize two weeks of intensive research and training with our core ensemble in the context of TANZPAKT RECONNECT – a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming anniversary program in Autumn!


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