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… summer is coming to an end and we are already in the midst of preparations and rehearsals for a hot autumn with a premiere, a revival, guest performances, encounter and mediation formats.

At the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, Emanuele Soavi and his ensemble, internationally renowned actress and dancer Kate Strong, and Paris-based performers relate scenic and dance miniatures to the famous dancer portraits in the bipartite Salle Matisse. The visual level is intertwined with a sound installation by composer Johannes Malfatti, consisting of several vertically suspended bandoneons. These vitalize the action, underscore it, propel it forward or bring it to a standstill. Performative interventions in other rooms invite the audience to embark on a self-selected parcours, becoming part of the performative space.
In November, performance and installation will be adapted for the permanent collection spaces at the Max Ernst Museum Brühl.

Revival   INVASION
On September 29, we are opening the (Rh)einfach Fest! at the Cologne TanzFaktur with the new version of our 2019 Cologne Dance Award-nominated piece. Jacques Offenbach, contemporary music and electronics, dance and fashion, past and present, art and entertainment – all encounter each other here and create friction. Excerpts of it can be seen in the impressive machine hall of the Heizkraftwerk-Süd as part of the Cologne Theater Night, guest performances take us to the Kreuzgangspiele in Feuchtwangen and, as part of our three-year ‘Tanzland’ sponsorship from the Federal Cultural Foundation, to the district of Miltenberg in Erlenbach.

A special focus of our work is the development of formats bringing contemporary dance to the public through artistic mediation. Within the framework of ‘Tanzland’ we are on the road with various mediation offers in the district of Miltenberg in addition to the performances. In Krefeld, we have been testing accessible formats with collegues of a socio-cultural center since 2022 which invite people to participate. As part of the MOVE! festival, there will be a workshop weekend in October and a concluding LIVING ROOM, which, as always, invites people to meet and exchange ideas.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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