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ATLAS (2018-2020)

ATLAS 3 – Blu Blu Blu (2020)

Thomas Zieler
“… Emanuele Soavi (choreography and idea) finds convincing correspondences on various levels for his concept of dealing with the body’s relationship to the world. With his manifold artistic means he succeeds in asserting and dissolving contrasts … A dance evening on an artificially high level and yet not detached from the audience. The audience can follow, experience, feel, recognize themselves in the events on stage, take an experience with them when they finally go out and find themselves in the field of tension between the self and the confusing world. One can only wish the dance-interested audience that after the Corona crisis there will be numerous opportunities to watch this remarkable dance production.“

Isabel Mankas-Fuest Rheinische Post Live Stream Festival tanz nrw 21
“… an exciting unity of music, dance and judo… great praise for the technology: The different camera angles made the evening a great experience even in your own four walls.”

ATLAS 2 – Dialog of One (2019)

Thomas Linden Kölnische Rundschau
“Can dance be political? Of course … With a large ensemble choreography, Soavi brings together historical greats such as Alfred Leschnitzer, Egon Wüst and Julius Hans Spiegel … From the ZZT in Turmstraße, the tour then went to six stations in the nocturnal Nippes … On the third floor of an old building, a woman lies on a bed. Lisa Kirsch slips into the identity of Anita Berber, this figurehead of modern dance. She does this with fragile grace, restrained anger and exhausted melancholy. The contribution of Taeyeon Kim is also impressive …”

ATLAS 1 – Any Body Sounds (2018)

Melanie Suchy Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
“… Fantasy, orientation and natural communication all depend on sound originating from one and the same source. The art of ANY BODY SOUNDS is to disturb this kind of connection … avoiding clichés, sophisticated, well done …”

Bettina Trouwborst auf
“… Emanuele Soavi and Jone San Martin, two exquisite movement artists, each dance in their characteristic style… She, unmistakably a longtime Forsythe-dancer in his idiom of deconstruction, and he swiftly flowing, light-footed and immensely versatile.”