Co-Productions & Commissioned Works // ARIADNEamore (2013)

ARIADNEamore (2013)

dance performance for 6 dancers, 1 actress, 1 DJ, 10 movable walls / co-produced by Festspiele Ludwigshafen – Theater im Pfalzbau

In this last part of his Myth Project, Emanuele Soavi, composer Wolfgang Voigt (Kompakt), lighting designer Cristina Spelti, dramaturg Stefan Bohne as well as eight performers create a joyful universe of femininity, sexuality and divinity.Whereas Daedalus represented the revolutionary power of man and Pan the emotional extremes, Ariadne is an advocate of passion and unconditional love: the woman who creates life takes risks to cross boundaries and uses rationality in order to find her way within the moment. ARIADNEamore is the third part of Emanuele Soavi incompany’s Myth Project and was co-produced by Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen.

A place of eternal longing: The labyrinth is empty, the Minotaur is dead, and so are all husbands, fathers and sons, or gone to war. Only Ariadne, the women, nymphs and their myths were left behind, waiting for centuries, buried in the sand. They dance and sing, they are loud and quiet, sad and hysterical, tender and strong, they are mother and whore, children, mistress and queens. But then there is this longing again… something is missing… or is it?

Choreography / Stage: Emanuele Soavi
Dramaturgy / Music Editing / Live-DJ: Stefan Bohne
Composition: Wolfgang Voigt
Lighting design: Cristina Spelti
Costumes: Pino Cervino / Emanuele Soavi
Choreographic Assistance: Giovanni Napoli
Management / PR: Alexandra Schmidt
Production Manager / PR: Silvia Werner
Technical Manager: Michael Götz
Performers: Nagmeh Alaei, Federico Casadei, Lisa Kirsch, Francesca Martignetti, Francesca Poglie, Chiara Toniutti Bertini, Nora Vladiguerov
Photos: Joris-Jan Bos

Production: Emanuele Soavi incompany / Festspiele Ludwigshafen Theater im Pfalzbau

ARIADNEamore was subsidized by the Cultural Office of Cologne, the NRW Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and Kunststiftung NRW